Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Day In Forever

Lia and I went to sesame Street Live with a group of her school friends and their mothers. I have never seen my daughter so happy in her 2 short and beautiful years of life. The traffic was incredibly bad in downtown Baton Rouge that the traffic was all but STOPPED. We were running a tad late, and as I picked her up and started jogging around the outside of the arena to get to our seats, the music begins: "sunny day, sweeping the clouds away..." and Lia starts jumping up and down on my hip with excitement. We hear the characters introduce themselves from outside the arena doors... "Hi! I'm Zoe" Lia is thrilled beyond belief at just the sound of Zoe's voice. "HI ZOE!" waving her little arms. As we find our section and walk up the steps, the stage lights and the Sesame Street characters appear before us. And my little Lia begins.... "HI ELMO! HI ZOE! HI TELLY! HI BERT! HI GROVER!" And then she laughs. She's laughing so hard that I turned to look at her because I thought she had started crying. Her face is lit with pure happiness that only a 2 year old seeing Sesame Street in person can feel.

You need to know that my daughter ADORES Sesame Street. She is addicted to She navigates the site on her own, scrolls, toggles between windows and tabs, plays the games, videos and art projects. She LOVES Sesame Street. So this was incredibly exciting for her and beyond special to me. I was able to witness such a beautiful display of joy from the person who gives me the most joy in the world.

Praise God.

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