Thursday, March 05, 2009

So INCREDIBLY Serious its Scary!!

So since Lee and I have been together, he's always said that he wants a mullet.  You know.... mullet... like the hairstyle not the fish or anything. THAT would be normal.

Every time I tell someone his dream of having a mullet they say, "Oh he's just messing with you!" and I wish I could say I believed that.

BUT tonight has sealed the deal... Lee is insane.

Let's backtrack a day:

Yesterday Lee asked me to cut his hair. (I'm the house stylist. I've got my clippers, scissors, and everything else I would need to do the basic haircut for a toddler and dude... especially a crazy ass dude like Lee that doesn't care what his hair looks like! which should be a tip off on his mental stability and his DESIRE for a mullet)

So here we are- the cutting is about to begin- when lee describes the haircut he wants.  

Lee:  I want it long in the front and long in the back and the rest i want it to be like a normal haircut.

Jillien: What?!   

Lee: I want a mullet... Kind of long in the front and long in the back but the rest short.

Jillien: But mullets are short in the front. I think you want one of those FauxHawks... You know kind of like a mohawk but longer on the sides...

[I begin to cut his hair into a FauxHawk.... very horribly might i add. Lee looks at it]

Lee: No that's not it.

Jillien: Well I don't know what the H you want. Let me just do my normal haircut and I'll see if I can find a picture of what you're looking for.


First Style:

David Beckham's FauxHawk: 

NOPE! that's not it!  

What about this:
TOO long in the back and not long enough in the front, he says!

Is it like THIS ONE?!?!?!?!?:

Lee said that THIS is exactly what he wants!  And he would even like the lines, but he can't wear that to work! Can you imagine?!?!  What am I supposed to do about this?  Any suggestions?


  1. This could be grounds for divorce! When you're cutting his hair, keep saying you can't get it even until it is impossible to get the mullet look going!

  2. so far that has been my strategy, but I'm scared he's going to try to get it done professionally or something. I should get a lawyer just in case it gets to that extreme! Thanks for the support.


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