Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I am not alone

A few posts ago, I commented on how a several Fridays in a row without Chicken McNuggets could drive anybody insane. Well apparently Lent has driven yet another person to the breaking point.

Poor Latreasa from Florida just wanted some damn chicken nuggets, when tragically the McDonald's RAN OUT of them!!!! "How dare they!" you may be asking yourself. Well Latreasa explained this morning on Fox News that she had the urge to punch the cashier in her face, BUT because she wanted to remain "a lady" she called 911.

I say KUDOS to Ms. Latreasa Goodman... She ordered her nuggets, Paid for her nuggets, but when they ran out, McDonald's refused to refund her for the meal. What the HELL!? I would have wanted to punch someone in his or her face too!

You can listen to the 911 calls here -------->CLICK HERE


  1. That is hysterical. She must have really felt like chicken that night.

  2. see, you can trust the McNuggets; go with the double cheeseburger -- it's filling and only 99cents

  3. i never looked at it that way. I just feel so bad for old Latreasa. I can understand her plight over no nuggets then no refund, ya know?!


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