Monday, March 23, 2009

Controversial Idiocy

Its easy to chicken pick through a load of comments or quotes and put together the most atrocious, racist, ridiculous, or stupid sounding concoction that if a reader were not to do his homework, the original speaker of these words would look like a total douche....

[Did that make any sense? ]

Here's what I mean. The Pope goes to Africa. Is asked a question about the Church and AIDS. The Pope answers the question with about 3 to 4 paragraphs of words. ONE sentence is picked out, and spread all over the news. Hear ye, Hear ye: This just in...: Breaking News: The Pope says condoms spread AIDS!

not exactly.

I've had to restate the same explanation of the REST of quote so many times that I'm bored with the whole thing...

I mean the Church is something I defend wholeheartedly. But the press does this to anyone and EVERYone. It was terrible during the Presidential election. An entire speech was left on the cutting room floor in order to print the one or two sentence brain fart. I just hate that... especially when its done to someone I admire.

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