Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Unhealthy...


Ok so you must know by now that I'm in-love with Russell Brand. He's the bee's knees! Well his book "My Booky Wook" is being released here in the US tomorrow. I've pre-ordered mine off of Amazon. And am quivering with anticipation for its arrival in 3 to 5 business days. Okey dokey now... here's the thing.

Russell MUST do a book tour. He just has to do it. and I must attend. At least I'm dying to attend. Wouldn't it be awesome if he happened to stopp by the local Barnes & Noble just to sign a few books for EXTRAORDINARILY devote fans, like myself?!!?

Ready for the philosophical journey?:

What the hell is wrong with me? I've got the biggest crush on a confessed sex addict, ex-drug addict, androgynous Brit! How can I fancy such a man?! EASY: I think its the way he pronounces aluminum: AlUminIUM. Its fantastic.

Is it the grasping for unattainable dreams? Is it the thrill of the fantasy? I've seen those crazy women on Dr. Phil who are ridiculously obsessed with celebrities to the point where no one who is REAL can compare to the out-of-this-world idealized dream people they've made up in their minds.

I'm not there yet, people!

Post Script: I realize that I've contemplated this before. This is a topic that is often on the forefront of my thoughts. I've actually just joined the AMAZINGLY complicated Twitter, just so that I can follow old Russ. Does anyone know how the hell to use that website?! Its obnoxiously difficult. The worst part is is that when you join you feel like everyone else in an expert, and you're some sort of single-celled organism that is incapable of mastering it.
Twitter is very condescending... there i said it!

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