Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can we say Grody?!!?

Ok so my friend Bueno and I were driving down the street, when we passed up Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. Cane's has this billboard of sorts in front and always displays some witty or crazy saying to get your attention.

Well this day in particular the sign said, "Chicken so fresh, it was laying eggs this morning."

EW... I don't really like to envision my chicken nuggets' life, especially if it were living that recently. I like to imagine that the chicken I eat was like born dead or something lol. THATS how dead I want it before I eat it.

I'm one of those hypocritical meat eaters that has no problem eating a deceased animal as long as I wasn't the one who killed it.

Lee and I went crabbing a few years back, and it was sooOooO horrible seeing all the little crabs in the cooler climbing over each other trying to get out.... But later on that night after boiling in some Zatarain's: YUMMY!

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