Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Her name was Lola she was a show girl...

Not in this case: my lola is a 6 month old stray kitten that i found night before last meowing outside my house. She meowed all night, and then the next morning, she jumped through the window and chilled in my house. [ I felt eternally sorry for her, and after class that day, i got my friend alan to put her in Tito's kennel and off we went to the spca. She got her shots and her nails clipped, and we were on our way. [to baton rouge that is] and now Lee is in love with his 'baby'

She's the complete opposite of Tito. where tito doesnt like to be held, Lola loves it. Tito rarely meows and even more seldomly does he purr. Lola doesnt even need to be pet to purr, and loudly. very loudly [ my mom said that lola could have been an opera singer]

Nonetheless, she gorgeous and adorable and irresistable. Lee loves her and wants her and that is his baby girl.

Move over Jillien, Lola has arrived. [i dont mind, i love her too]

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