Thursday, July 20, 2006

Horrible Day

Lola is sick. Lee missed work because he had to call the emergency and talk to vets all night and day and he had to clean his room, bathroom, and downstairs bc the baby made messes[if you catch my drift]. Lee is a truly patient loving man. I dont know many people that would have been able to do that. I feel so terrible. I feel so responsible. I feel like i should have lola with me and i should be giving her love. I have unconditional love for that little kitten, but its Lee that has to deal with her b/c they are in baton rouge and i'm down here. Lee's the one that hasnt gotten any sleep for 2 days. He ate ONCE today at that was at 5PM.

i didnt want this for my husband. I just thought that he would be blessed with a beautiful little girl. But instead lee's miserable. He loves lola and he is doing all he can to keep her happy and healthy, but there is only so much he can do. and if she starts getting sick again [having seizures] he wont be able to take off of work AGAIN to take care of everything. I'm so nervous for him. I'm so scared for lola... If he keeps her in the bathroom and something happens again. what will we do? what will happen to lola next?

There are just so many things going through my head; doesnt help that i had to go to the doctor today to have blood work done, and depending on the results i might have to have an amniocentisis.

Lord, Please help me and my husband and our baby... and of course Lord, please help Lola.

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