Sunday, July 02, 2006


If you and your friend had decided to go pick someone up from the bus station at 3 and it was getting really close to 3 and your friend still hadnt gotten there so that you can go together...

Would you go pick up the person by yourself? or

Would you wait, for your friend, [but be pissed about it] and pick up the person super late but together?

I would do the former. Thats just me.


  1. I would attempt to call my friend who was supposed to show up at 3, then if they didn't answer or show up, leave a note explaining that you went without them, and go pick up your other friend. There is rarely an excuse for being late, and allowing someone to establish a pattern of lateness doesn't do you, or them, any good.

  2. You are right there is no excuse for being late. But at some point friend no.1 should be independent enough to go on alone right? i dont know.

  3. Yes, or they could wait for you to come back with friend #2. I would watch friend #1, and if you start to see a pattern of irresponsibility, call them on it. If they're a real friend, you should be able to do that. Ever read the book "Boundaries", by Cloud and Townsend?
    :) I highly recommend it.

  4. I got lost @ the 3rd paragraph. I'll just do the best answer (whatever that is). I came across your blog from the Everyone posts blogs. Is there other blogs like that that make it original? Well, I guess my goal for it is to make it so everyone knows about it and they can keep going there to post there thoughts. Maybe say soemthing about it on the news, you know, this and that.
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

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  5. to Rchammer:

    I'm not surprised you're lost. I type in a kind of female train of thought method. Not the easiest to follow i would guess. Its okay though. lol

    To Shiray:
    I've never heard of the book but i'll definitely check it out now. great advice on the 3 friend combo situation. :)

  6. The book basically talk about personal "property lines" we all have... behaviours in ourselves and others we tolerate, or don't. For instance, in a relationship with a man, you may tolerate him looking at other women, but touching them is off-limits. Therefore, that is your "boundary" on that part of the relationship. Do you know anyone who constantly interupts others, touches people without permission, is late, is either very opinionated or has no opinion at all? Or you can't say "No" to them without them ignoring you for weeks? This person wasn't taught about boundaries. :)
    It's a very interesting subject, I think, and has helped me learn to stand up for myself a bit, and what I need, and has also helped me not be a "doormat" for others. There are many installments in the series; there's Boundaries for Kids, Boundaries for Dating, Boundaries at Work, etc.
    Happy reading!

  7. that sounds super interesting. I think i have a firm grip on my boundaries but at the same time i allow people to take advantage of me. that sounds like the best book.


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