Monday, July 10, 2006

A year has come and gone

and i never took notice. I've been blogging since June of last year and now its july of 2006 and its soooooooo hard to believe. This blog has been through my engagment with a marine, hurricane katrina, meeting lee, getting pregnant, getting married, and i just keep typing. There have been some that have read since day one. Can you believe how much has changed?

I went from partying CONSTANTLY and just living for No. 1 to staying at home 24/7 and living day by day just trying to get by. I look back in February/ March of this year [when i found out i was preggers] and I barely posted and I was really depressed. I look at the first blogs back in june of 2005 and i was so goofey and young.

Its only been one year, but my whole youth is in this year. Its the only thing that I have of what my daily life was like before all this happened. Its very special.

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