Sunday, July 02, 2006

I used to be a puncher

Everytime i would get furious or seriously angry i would just have to hit something or yell at someone or something not nice. Its terrible but it was the only way i could let all of my anger out. Since i met lee i havent. [i've never really had the need] I get angry and then i'm able to let it go, but these past two days have been a challenge for me. I've gotten extraordinarily angry and just had to grit my teeth, and sit there in total pissed off mode. I'm trying to learn to let things go, to not blurt out ugly things just because i'm angry but for some reason it seems to be the only way i can get out all of my anger.

Well right now i'm soooooooooooooooooo pissed off. and i'm just sitting in it. there were an immense amount of things that i wanted to say and i started to let them slip out but i didnt. And as i'm writing this, i'm calming down and i'm happy i didn't say half the shit i wanted to because then it would have made things worse than what they really were.


  1. I go into my bedroom, grab my pillow, and beat the shit out of my bed. If further action is required, I scream into my pillow. This usually helps. Holding it in only makes it worse in the long run.

  2. You are so wise! lol

    I really am not good with holding in my emotions. I'm slightly explosive, and then i feel bad for whatever i did afterwards. Pillow punching is a great alternative to face punching or wall punching :)


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