Thursday, July 06, 2006

Those people in your life

Do you ever just sit down and think about past people or a past someone in your life that walked in and out and make such a difference that you still think about them to this day? That person that taught you a little bit more about yourself, or maybe the things you don't like in other individuals and you promise yourself you'll never allow someone to be like that to you again?

Then there are those others that spent so much time in your life and yet didnt make a lick of difference. What were they doing there? [i have several of those]

But finally there are what i like to call "true friends". These people didnt really mold your personality or your character... They really didnt influence much at all, but they were there. They were there and accepting of all your transitions. They were there and caring when you messed up and just needed someone. These true friends sit back and trust you enough to live your own life and have fun with you while you're living it. They have their lives and your have yours and yet every now and again you got to remember to talk to them because those are the ones you never want to let go. [i only have a few of those, but the ones i do have i really do treasure even though it might not seem like it]

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