Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flash backs

Okay so all weekend i've been having flashbacks from Friday night.

I remember dancing honky-tonk style with an older gentleman.... I remember dancing to "She Bangs She bangs'' by Ricky Martin at some point. I also remember, unfortunatly, another gentleman named Gus running toward the stage and then turning around to power slide toward me.

Its all coming back. Is there a way to suppress these memories? Maybe some type of chemical indused amnesia?


  1. You are hilarious!!! Welcome to the world of Jagermeister. Like I mentioned, I have TONS of stories from that. I wish I wouldn't have been a bum and witnessed that or then again, maybe not cause I'd be embarrassed that we were in the same place. HAHAHA JK. I love my bridesmaid!!!

  2. No you're totally right. I acted a fool! lol I promise no honky-tonk dancing at any of the showers!

    love you back!!

  3. I have to ask though, keeping with the general honky tonk dancers of La., did he smell of Old Spice and hair tonic?

  4. Surprisingly... Yes! add a touch of J├Ągermeister and you've got my man.


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