Sunday, February 22, 2009

Point of View

what is it about people who are always right? Actually its beyond being right... it is coupled with others are always wrong (unless they're in agreement of course).

Is it possible to look at a controversial figure and say, "I don't believe in your cause, but I believe in your belief in that cause. I respect your dedication to the movement. I acknowledge your passion."

I lived with my parents for 21 years. During those 21 years, I was exposed to different philosophies, paradigms, religions and was also taught to respect and tolerate the views of others even if i TOTALLY disagree.

In fact, one of my newest friends holds completely opposing political views than I do. And that's okay.

BUT I also have people in my life-people who are not easily removed- who are not like me or my family. They are judgmental and abrasive. And it tries my patience to the extreme, when having to tolerate their constant belligerence and attacks.


  1. Yes, and it's just about impossible to even try to express your own thoughts because you know that while you are having a conversation with them the only thing they are listening to is their thoughts forming what they want to say next. POINTLESS!

  2. You're absolutely right! OR they only hear every other word and then jumble together some totally off-the-point conclusion that was completely opposite of what you were trying to express.

    ggrrrr! I know the smart thing would be to just let it go and accept their inability to empathize, but its so difficult to do.


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