Sunday, February 15, 2009

Going Down

I'm heading to New Orleans today for a kid's party. This has been my routine for about 3 months now. I don't think I have spent a full week at home since after Thanksgiving.

I love my family. I love my hometown of New Orleans, but I also love chilling, not having to pack up all my things as if i were taking a trip to mexico (because even though new orleans isn't ridiculously far away... when you are traveling with children, you have so much extra to pack for the "just in case" scenario).

Baton Rouge happens to be just far away that you must pack up to go down and just close enough that everyone expects you to make the commute. "It only takes an hour!" Well with the lane closures on the interstate, the constant traffic, and speeding traps by the cops... it is a stressful hour to hour and a half (if you're lucky) its more like 2 hours to get where I'm going, usually.

Also, its currently Mardi Gras season down here and there are plenty of extra commuters and visitors in the city. Always FUN!

But once I'm there, its worth it. I miss it. It is where I was born and reared and where I hope to return one day (although Lee swears he will NEVER live in New Orleans ever again... and he has his reasons, which I must concede are pretty valid).

So I'm emotionally preparing myself for the trip today. Wish me luck. I hope to be back in BR by tonight!

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