Friday, February 20, 2009

Postpartum Depression is in the In Crowd

My last semester of college I reviewed a sophomore's English term paper on Hamlet. Her thesis was that Hamlet's mother was a sufferer of postpartum depression...ALTHOUGH Hamlet was about 30 years old. Apparently Hamlet's mother had a delayed reaction.

Skip a few weeks: I'm called in to challenge a senior English major's thesis on Shelley's "Frankenstein." One of her points???? you guessed it! Dr. Frankenstein suffered from postpartum depression... EVEN THOUGH Dr. F was a man and did not give birth.

Since then I've heard of so many bizarre postpartum depression cases... next thing I know my kitten Tito will be diagnosed with it.

Someone should invent some sort of take-home test or piss strip. I'm sure that somehow we can link sneezing and body odor to postpartum depression.


  1. I remember about five or ten years ago, everyone that went through phases of being happy then depressed, cheated on spouses, hit their kids was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

  2. man! then i must definitely be bipolar and postpartum depressed, and maybe even diabetic... who knows!


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