Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hard to believe, but all the same its TRUE

So its my favorite time of year. The 40 days after Mardi Gras are much anticipated in my heart. I look forward to Lent as a time to purge myself of things that I love but don't need.

At mass last night the priest challenged everyone to fast... fast from our sins. Usually I give up some favorite food or guilty pleasure, but this year i think that I'm really going to use Lent not only as an opportunity to lose a couple of pounds but to lose some baggage. I could use this time when I, as a catholic, am spending a little more time with self-evaluation to move closer to the ideal.

It always starts out this way, of course. the beginning of Lent is met with zeal and determination. But a few Fridays in a row without chicken nuggets can wear a person down.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! good luck with lent, i have no self control, so i always do terrible...


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