Monday, February 23, 2009

Tag I'm It

Okay so my new blogger friend Alex had this nifty post... Here's the jist: Google your name followed by the word "needs" then list the results. Feel free to jump on board and do it yourself.

[Disclaimer: I have the worst name to google. It ALWAYS yields very little results and its constantly asking me, "Do you mean Jillian?" NO I DON"T MEAN JILLIAN! But they can't hear me when I yell like that! its disturbing... Nonetheless, JilliEn needs didn't receive any hits so i must settle for JilliAn needs...]

JilliAn Needs:

Jillian needs to do something besides her all alone, unrelenting mourning; Its so true. ever since I gave birth I've been mourning the loss of my perky boobs. I should probably talk to someone about it.

Well, the verdict is in - Jillian needs her tonsils and adenoids out; she's trying to sell them on the black market and is looking for a buyer.

Jillian needs to be more hyper; I think Lee would disagree. I practically bounce off the walls around bed time. I wonder why that is?

Jillian Needs Her Baths; Its true hot showers are therapeutic to me in so many ways. I'll even take a shower after I eat because it makes me feel less stuffed. Insane, right?!

Anyways this was fun. Thanks for reading!

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