Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspirazione: Alex

My daughter was 6 days old and still nameless. We hadn't opted to find out her gender and for some reason I think that had a numbing effect on the name choosing process. You think... what happened in the 40 weeks?! We should have been deciding, i suppose. Well we didn't.

She was "Baby W." until the day before she left the hospital.

Lia's full name is Lilia, my grandmother's name and also my older cousin's. It is a kind of superstition in our culture that when you name a child after someone, the child takes on characteristics of the original.

So although my grandmother was an incredible woman- selfless, loving, and beautiful, I still can't help but feel the anxiety of Lia acquiring my grandmother's vices as well. 

Why chance it? If God decides to bless me with more children in the future, they'll have their own names... Not like I'll make up some crazy ass name with a string of vowels in the middle ending with an array of consonants and accent marks, which will probably only be pronounceable by a person with a Ph.D in Pig Latin...  But I'll be creative and choose names that have no ties... no strings attached to anyone in our family.  Maybe some name plucked out of British literature or the Bible or Asian mythology.  

Any ideas?


  1. Just stay away from Jezabel. God only knows the trouble that woman had.

    My youngest girl stayed unnamed for seven days. She was referred to as Baby Girl B. She was suppose to be a boy because we were almost positive she was a boy, but noooo...proving to be as stubborn as the baby girl of the family is allowed to be, she proved us all wrong and ended up a girl.

    We finally stole the puppy's name and gave it to her.

    Horrible, aren't we.

  2. The puppy's name! lol that must make for a great story


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