Friday, February 13, 2009

Its Late

... and I'm making valentines for my daughter's Pre-K2 class. They are having their party. My daughter happens to go to a Catholic pre-school, which is perfect considering that we're all Catholics.

Well, this week I baked a cake for my family celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine because it is a beautiful day to remember to Love. Remember that God is Love. Remember that Jesus called us to love as he loves. It is NOT a day to commemorate jewelers or to worship one another, or to be upset when we didn't get the engagement ring or any of that ridiculous crap.

Anyway, back to my valentines....

Lia picked out (honestly) Kung Fu Panda St. Valentine's Day cards! I kept trying to put the girly ones in her face, but she wanted nothing to do with them. She's never even seen Kung Fu Panda!

Well to add a personal touch I started roving through my bible to get love scriptures to put on the backs of her cards. Which led me to look up love quotes from Pope John Paul II and other Saints....

I can't tell you how much grace these individuals had that just to read words they once uttered or scribbled on paper pierce you! They humble you with their purity and truth.

I have truly drifted.

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